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Solutions Overview

Performance management

Effective performance management is vital to the health of an organization. A well designed performance appraisal should give answers to questions such as:

  • What am I expected to do ?
  • How well am I doing ?
  • What are my strengths and weaknesses ?
  • How can I do a better job ?
  • How can I contribute more towards the organizational goals ?
  • Who is the best candidate for a vacant post?

Why Do Appraisal Systems Fail?

A performance appraisal system often fails because:

  • Managers often resist either passively or actively.
  • Managers have limited contact with subordinates.
  • Viewed as a wasted paper work especially if nothing comes out of their effort.
  • Managers fear the emotion that can be unleashed.
  • Managers fear not being able to defend the rating.

General Features

  • Job description Management
  • Performance appraisals
  • Configurable forms, KPIs, goals & competencies
  • Organization goal alignment
  • Competency Management
  • Career & Development tips
  • Talent pool management
  • Flexible workflow
  • Reporting & Analytics dashboard
  • Web Based
  • Ability to Integrate with existing HR system
  • Built in Workflow and approval cycle
  • Appraisal Forms Designer
  • Email alerts according to rules set and invoked by admin

For Managers

Each manager has his unique home page & 1 centralized point of access

  • Role based - Managing all the performances including his own performance & to-do-tasks & the performance of his entire staff
  • Ease of use – appraisal & goals from previous cycle is auto shown/filled to save time
  • Reminders through email alerts
  • Automatic scoring and weight calculation.
  • Competency library for adding any competency
  • Development plan/activity for a certain competency
  • Development plan/activity will appear for employees as their to do tasks

Plan for your department/team and monitor their progress

  • Assign goals for the next year, according to the organizational goals, and the performance appraisal result
  • Graphs that show improvement of your staff
  • Progress in achieving goals
  • How your staff is contributing to the organizational goals
  • View each employee

For Employees

As an employee you will have your performance area to view

  • Tracking /update the progress of your Goals
    • Your goals list
    • Percentage of completion
    • Weighted value of each
    • Due date
    • Who assigned them to me
    • How my goals are linked to the organizational goals in a graphical interface
  • Job descriptions & competencies
  • Complete your development plans activities
  • Access your job description
  • Access any other related documents

In your development plan activities you can

  • According to your permissions you can view job descriptions for other positions and understand the requirements for other roles in the organization
  • View the proposed activities and trainings
  • Make the system remind you to update your progress for your goals & development plan
  • Access other related documents, certificatelletter of recommendations

Finding the Talent you need

Keeping track of your employees skills and experience is difficult With an Intelligent Employee profile you can

  • Make full use of the resources & talents available
  • Assign tasks to the right people
  • Make decision regards promotions
  • Un-cover any hidden talent
  • Find the exact talent you need

Management & HR

Who is holding up the process?

With an Intelligent Employee profile you can

  • Generate status reports for each employee, department or group
  • Print/save as PDF & export to other formats
    • Job descriptions, appraisal forms, Journal Notes & Reports
  • Easily manage exceptions or bottlenecks to see who has “To do tasks” that are over due

Keep your process moving

  • Real time tracking for status reports on progress
  • Auto Email alerts according to rules set and invoked by admin
  • Invoked email alerts with customized message to remind employees with late tasks/appraisals


  • Dashboards showing employee progress for his goals
  • Dashboards showing overall progress of goals and its alignment with the organization goals

Talent Management for Strategic use

Through dash board you can instantly view

  • Who are the top performers?
  • Who is ready for promotion?
  • Who is at risk of leaving?
  • Are you on target to achieve goals?

Process Management

Creating processes & forms exactly the way you want

HR team can easily design & configure all the forms and process

No IT involvement needed

  • Dynamic Appraisal Workflow & Process Creation
  • Appraisal Form creation: you can define any number of templates or forms, you may even start with forms similar to paper forms to ease the transition to an automated process
  • Set reminder periods, and frequency
  • Set Roles of who can see which set of forms, if they can edit in them
  • Set notification system with multiple customized reminder messages, according to the stage of the progress of the process

Dynamic Appraisal Workflow & Process Creation

  • Set Process Type (Scheduled, annual, interim/temp , project)
  • Set process start & end date, title and description
  • Select Process Category Preparation, evaluations, approvals, interviews, comments, sign-offs
  • Sets process steps and chooses from a predefined set of all possible steps per process category
  • Active Directory integration to set who can access the process

Process Steps Options

  • Set options/tasks per step, and rename to reflect organization culture
  • Set associated task name and help text
  • Allow/disallow pre-population from employee self appraisal
  • Allow 3rd party comments
  • Set due date
  • Set multiple prerequisites steps (and/or)

Appraisal Form creation, Unlimited creation for templates or forms

You may even start with forms similar to paper forms to ease the transition to an automated process

  • Set Scoring options
    • Enable scoring
    • Score weights
    • Decimal points
    • Min/max score
    • Allow out of scale values
  • Set appraisal form sections
  • Set fields, names, types, possible values
  • Import images to use within the form
  • Set colors, fonts, separators
  • Allow electronic signatures

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